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            Things have been a bit hectic lately, so please forgive me for my delay. I will make an effort to update this more often, though, so hopefully you haven’t worn out your interest in my musings, or you’re a bot reading this to spam me. Either way, welcome back!

            It’s been over a year since the pandemic started, and since we can hope that the end of the end is nigh, I’d like to reminisce a little about our experience over the past year. It sucked. To say otherwise would be silly. But let’s try and think of the positive things we experienced, few as they might be. I can certainly talk about the birth of my son, but since a millennial talking about having a kid is about as interesting as a millennial sharing a recipe for guacamole, I’ll skip those stories. (You just mash up an avocado and mix in some spices and lime juice, it’s not that hard, people!)

            I got to know some great local restaurants, for starters, and I hope you did too. I gained an appreciation of the outdoors, with activities like kayaking and staring at an empty baseball stadium, which was surprisingly pleasant. I got to know the walls of my den very well as I huddled in -20 degree temperatures during Valentine’s Day, and what’s more romantic than cuddling for warmth? I got to experience the joy of hiding from pandemic-denying relatives. It was like a game of hide and seek where the winner gets a funeral! I got to discover that democracy really is fragile, and we actually do have to stand up to defend it, which made re-watching all the Captain America movies a lot more enjoyable since I could experience the existential dread of the risk of losing my country first-hand. And I got to see my career go completely nowhere as agents and editors rejected everything I submitted, which gave me plenty of time to pay attention to my new-born son.

            Okay, wow. This wasn’t meant to be ironic, but I honestly couldn’t think of any way of putting a positive spin on this year that didn’t sound pedantic. This year sucked, but I had a kid, so yay for that and boo for almost everything else.