Royal Road

Two stories are currently being posted on Royal Road: The Sevens Prophets, Hell Hath no Hoagie, and The Periplus of Hanno.

“The Sevens Prophets”

The Pure Crown, Law, and Heartsflame. The crown, the sword, and the dagger. These are the three weapons The Sevens Prophets were gifted in order to unite the seven planets in harmony. Those blessed by the Pure Crown are diplomats, with powers of shielding, telekinesis, and teleporting. Those blessed by Law are defenders, with powers of healing, non-lethal energy blasts, and strength. Those blessed by Heartsflame are wielders of death, with powers to drain energy, shoot lethal energy blasts, and use weapons that can kill instantly. While the Prophets are not always welcome on the seven planets, they are always needed. These are the tales of their deeds.

Steve, a half-demon on his mother’s side, must find the sandwich that will bring upon the end of times! Or at least, that’s what he tells his demonic bosses.

“The Periplus of Hanno”

Considered to be Ancient Carthage’s Odyssey, the original Periplus of Hanno was copied from a Carthaginian temple and taken back to Greece. For two thousand years, it existed only as a copy of a copy, a brief, broken story that only hinted at a larger tale… until now.